Named for their two rescue cats, Jackson & Callie is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Kristen Hardman and her far more cautious husband, Jim.

When a visiting consultant to the Border Patrol in Champlain drove all the way from there to their existing store, the Cornerstone Gallery in Lake Placid — a traveling distance of an hour and 20 minutes — to purchase unique gifts for her loved ones back home, Kristen knew it was time to think seriously about filling the void.

So-called best, worst and hoped-for business plans were drawn up, revised and revised again; constructive criticism was sought from those in the know; the ideas of both potential customers and potential suppliers alike were (and still are being) considered.

What we have launched, "a shop of unique, beautiful and functional gifts,” is indeed a collaborative, grass-roots endeavor.   Jackson & Callie is succeeding not because the Hardmans came along but because you also are a stakeholder.  It is you who deserves the credit.  

Thank you.

A Shop of Unique and Beautiful Gifts